Our first priority is ensuring you have the perfect talent within your business. Then we can help you keep them. The ‘proof is in the pudding’ of course, plus we also want to ensure the experience you have with us is perfect as well:


Industry knowledge

  • Scout brings over 30 years worth of ATL, Integrated, Digital and Brand side specific knowledge, which as a Client will ensure we understand your needs much more efficiently.

  • To truly understand this industry, as it has so many nuances and specific job roles, you had to have lived and breathed it.

  • All the Scout team members are ex. Agency and/or ex. Client side marketeers and this is how it will remain.

Added value

  • In addition to finding you top talent we feel it is very much part of our job to add value to the talent management experience.

  • We offer a range of candidate profiling using psychometric testing that gives you additional confidence you are employing the best person in the first place.

  • We also offer wider consultancy services, including leadership development, business growth consultancy, mergers & acquisitions advise, team learning and development and HR consultative services.


Personal touch

  • Here at Scout, we have a personal mission to change the opinion that most people have of the average recruitment agent – you only have to meet us to know we first of all don’t look or act like other recruiters and we do a lot more than just recruitment!

  • You are not just a company to us – you are busy people with specific requirements and we want to treat you with the respect you deserve. We spend a long time just listening and discussing your needs and we seek to build quality, long-term relationships with you.

  • Ideally we also like to spend as much time as possible in your offices to ensure we understand your environment and ethos. The more time you can give to us, the more we will be able to help you.