You'll be better placed because we have walked in your shoes:


  • Here at Scout, we have a personal mission to change the opinion that most people have of the average recruitment agent – you only have to meet us to know we first of all don’t look or act like other recruiters!

  • You are not just a ‘number’ to us – you have specific requirements and we want to treat you with the respect you deserve.  We spend a long time just listening and discussing your needs and we work hard to help you feel happy and confident about your next career move.

  • Because we have worked in Agencies and Client side, both large and small, we understand how the world in which you operate works and the challenges you face – we have been in your shoes.

  • Freelance or contract, permanent or temporary – we have personal experience of all forms of employment and we are there to add value and give you advice.

Top 10 things to check before you start looking for your new role and interviewing – they seem obvious but you would be surprised!!


1. Full spelling and grammar check of your CV – give it to someone else to check over as well before you submit it anywhere.

2. Do your homework on any company you are looking for and who you are interviewing with – you can pretty much find out anything on the internet so use it to your advantage.

3. Make sure your Linked In is up to date and your photo is clear and a true likeness of you – ideally a photo of you in a professional capacity.

4. Have a check of your Facebook privacy settings – get rid of any ‘controversial’ photos. Your future employer may well see them and mis-judge you even before you get to interview.

5. Know your CV inside out and take a hard copy with you – the interviewer will be basing their questions around this.

6. Allow as much time as you can to get to your interview (including traffic and time of day) – not ideal to turn up late and flustered.

7. Always ask about dress code of the company before you interview – you want to feel comfortable but professional.

8. Switch your mobile phone off before you get into the interview but make sure you turn it back on again straight after, as we will be calling you to see how you got on.

9. Have some killer questions ready for your interview – this is your chance to impress further and ask if you haven’t already been told.

10. When you first meet your potential new employer, remember: smile, stand tall and no limp handshakes.